Products are currently only available for purchase by the licensed trade in British Columbia, Canada.

Cauldron BC Mulled Wine

Premium BC Red Wine, lightly sweetened and skillfully blended with orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and aromatic spices.

  • Winery: BC Wine Studio
  • Winery location: Okanagan Falls
  • Alcohol content: 9.0% alc./vol
  • Number of Servings per 3L: 17 x 6 oz
  • Format: 3L “Bag in Tube”
  • Price $52.00 / 3L (Sold by 3 x 3L Case)
Bar Top Dispenser “Heat and Pour”

The Bar Top Dispenser is created to fit our custom sized “bag-in-tube format”.
The Bar Top Dispenser pours a 6 oz measure and heats to the perfect temperature every time on demand.
Once the drink has reached temperature, a buzzer sounds and an LED flashes to notify that the drink is ready. User then uses the dispenser mechanism to manually deliver the drink into the glass.
An empty canister literally takes seconds to replace allowing service to continue with no waste.