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Hot alcoholic drinks & winter warmers


At Firevines we love the outdoors, we love winter, and we love wrapping our hands around a hot glass of Mulled Wine or Hot Apple Cider when the temperature comes down. Our range of hot alcoholic drinks are the perfect treat to share with friends around the fire, keep you warm in the wild, or start the Après Ski party after a day on the slopes.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy these perfect winter drinks, so we’ve taken the labour out of your love for winter cocktails.  Take a look at our enticing and delicious winter warmers; Cauldron BC Mulled Wine and Bugaboo Hot Apple Cider. Ready to Heat and Serve!

For bars and restaurants, our Heat and Pour Bar Top Dispenser warms and pours a perfect 6 oz measure every time on demand in under 15 seconds! Why not get in touch to find out how quickly you could be serving the perfect winter warmer to your guests.